Our Participants are referred to us by the Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) of the Georgia Department of Corrections, which identifies HIV-positive inmates who are interested in Community Connections. Currently, the Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) serves 33 prisons in the state of Georgia.

Before state prison inmates are released, the PRPP prison coordinator provides the following services:

  • Coordination/Set-up of medical appointments
  • Provides reentrants with copies of their medical records from the Georgia Department of Corrections
  • A 15-30 day supply of anti-retroviral (ARV) medication upon release, if needed
  • Case management appointments
  • Substance abuse appointments and referrals
  • Mental health appointments and referrals
  • Local area food and clothing assistance referrals
  • Job and vocational referral assistance

ParticipantsThe Pre-Release Planning Program’s assistance in providing participants with medical and social service appointments is invaluable. Community Connections attempts to address each participant’s needs by linking them to resources based on their specific situation and assisting participants in the next steps toward a successful re-entry.

Participation in Community Connections is voluntary; it is in no way a condition of release.

Once a participant is released, the Field Coordinator for Community Connections meets with the participant to assess his or her needs and pairs them with a peer guide. Peer guides are paired with participants based on their ability to be a good match with participants, provide emotional support, and help them identify their needs.