About Us

Community Connections began in 2009 with the single goal of providing support to recently released inmates who were HIV-positive. Our program facilitates the transition of HIV-positive inmates into the community by building on the current Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) at the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC).

The Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) began in 2004 and prepares inmates for release by setting up medical appointments and linking persons leaving prison to basic social services to assist their re-entrance into the community.

community connections staffIn an effort to assist re-entrants, the Program Coordinator for the Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) refers interested inmates to Community Connections. As a support measure,Community Connections links re-entrants to a Peer Guide and resources in the Metro Atlanta area. Peer Guides provide support during the transition process by providing participants with an encouraging and stable presence in their lives. In addition, Community Connections staff ensures that resources are available to address the immediate needs of participants.

At Community Connections, we believe that there is a clear relationship between establishing stable housing and employment and maintaining a healthy and productive life. Peer support coupled with effective resources helps the participant integrate into the community, remain healthy, and prosper effectively.