Community Connections

Students working in the Community at a nursing home.

Post release support and guidance for persons living with HIV returning to Atlanta.

Community Connections is a partnership between the Georgia State University School of Public Health and the Georgia Department of Corrections’ Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP). The program was established with the purpose of providing re-entry support and linkage to care for persons living with HIV/AIDS following their release from prison. Community Connections staff members work directly with re-entrants who, following their release, choose to participate in the program.

In cooperation with the Pre-Release Planning Program (PRPP) of the Georgia Department of Corrections, Community Connections was chartered to ensure that re-entrants have every opportunity to succeed in their community. These opportunities include adult-mentoring by Peer Guides who are knowledgeable about issues such as incarceration, as well as living with HIV and/or addiction. In addition, re-entrants are also linked to useful resources such as housing, employment support, food, education and transportation.